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Stefano Mastronardi is a multi-instrumentalist music producer and sound engineer from italy.
He's specialized in sound design, music production and audio production for advertising, digital media, video production.

He started his creative career at the age of 12, when got as a gift his first keyboard synthesizer.
Then started studying piano with classical teachers.

As pop/rock musician he played in several bands and in 2001, after years touring live, released the album "Bianco Shock", with the band "Monovox", labeled Sony Music Italy.

In 2005, while getting SAE Audio Engineering Diploma in Milan, he focused himself on solo projects and started writing music for video, film and media production.

In 2008 started the company
Wave Audio, strictly focused on audio technical services and audio post production.

From 2006 to 2017 music tracks from his production were used in many media projects for brands and companies such as Kawasaki, Avio, Nike, Luxottica, Iveco, Reebok, Sky, FCA, Juventus.
Many tracks are included in the catalogue of the italian label
Soundiva and licensed worldwide through selected agencies.
Today hundreds of YouTube video feature his music.

His music is a journey through '60 funk, electronics, instrumental pop tunes and imaginary cinematic soundtracks.